Musique: Sunday Jazz Group
Stanley Maumary | Musique: Roger Waters (Dark side) (01.07.2006)
The dark side of the moon

Our rock fathers of Pink Floyd in good mood? Theses lasts years a lot of things happend. Albums, dvd, tours, and playing all together in Live8. Maybe this last experience will initiate a future Pink Floyd revival ?
Pink Floyd fans, go on www.pinkfloydz.com to know more.

16 July 2006 Roger Waters play in Locarno at Moon and Stars festival, I was there... I have to say, I canNOT be objective, but it was a really fantastic concert. A momentary lapse of reason (if a can say this)!
Of course i cannot enter in the place with my 400mm for the show, but what a surprise when the almost complete band come for the soundcheck!

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